Skorpion 500 RB

rb 500 sr 02

Skorpion 500 RB is designed for shredding trunks, branches, sawmill waste, tree limbs with diameter up to 180 mm.

Skorpion 500 is a drum model made in the form of a trailer, meant for collaboration with a min 100 KM farm tractor. The drive is transmitted from PTO shaft of a tractor with the speed of 1000 revolutions per minute.

The chipper is equipped with hydraulically folding loading table, in which a feeder track is installed, the upper feeding roll also has been replaced by a crawler. Both chain tracks are propelled by a 3 hydraulic motors driven by independent, installed on board hydraulic pump.

The cutting system which includes 12 knives installed on the drum and a screen ensures high regularity if chips. Chips are ejected by a fan through a high rotary chimney equipped with a chimney cowl, enabling loading the chips on a trailer.

The construction of the chipper is set on a single axial chassis that enables the device to be towed behind a tractor on forest and field roads. Innovative solution of the lateral position of the feeding table enables simultaneous transport of chipper and trailer with a tractor.
Due to large size of the material to be chipped, the machine can be equipped with a hydraulic mounted crane.

As a standard, the chipper is also additionally equipped with an electronic system of work control, automatically protecting the propulsion system of the machine against overload/excessive duty through temporary stopping the feeding unit.

Chips made by Skorpion 500 RB can be used as a solid fuel for heating (burning in ovens/stoves), as a raw material for production of paper, furniture boards, and after additional disintegrating in a hammer mill for pellets and briquettes production. 

Technical details



Overall dimensions (length x width x height) [mm]

2880 (with towing bar 3870) 
x 2200 (up to 3480) x 2680 (≈4000)

Weight [kg]

2940 without HDS

Branch diameter [mm]

up to 180

No of knives

12 cutting + 1 counter-knife

Feeding speed [running meters/min]

up to 31

Chipping capacity [stère meters/h]

up to 20

Method of feeding

mechanically by crane or manually

Drum diameter [mm]


Revolutions of cutting drum [rpm]


Hopper dimensions (width x height) [mm]

510 x 265

Type of drive

tractor’s PTO

Min. power of tractor [hp]


() - unfolded, ready to work

Equipment included:

  • Adjustment of height of ejecting the chips.
  • Rotary chimney 210°
  • PTO shaft.
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • No-stress system.