Rotary conveyors

rotary con

Teknamotor offers complete solutions for belt and vibratory systems of loading and transportation of chips.

Our professional designers can develop a project of shredding equipment along with conveying systems, relevant to the kind of waste and conditions of the space available.

Rotary conveyors with a maximum length of 12 meters are used to transport the chips at an angle of climb to 40°. The conveyor is equipped with a conical hopper, from which the output is transmitted to the required height. The use of a conveyor belt with transverse, regularly spaced, 500 mm wide slats, allows loading the output into a container with up to 4 m high side boards (max height of emptying 4.5 m). Belts armed with slat thresholds move with speed of 50 m/min, and their side boards prevent the material against falling out.

Construction of the rotary conveyor is driven by a gear-motor and enables it half-turn relocation, which also allows even filling the output into the container (or containers).