Split chain sprockets

foretec ketjupyorat 01A new innovation: the fixing mechanism

Foretec's latest innovation, the fixing mechanism, has emerged from the need to shorten the replacement of power transmission components in an industrial environment and thus reduce downtime. The new innovation is the result of lengthy product development and testing and has been given a utility model.

Innovation is a single circle of two or more parts, the fixing mechanism which allows you to install a new sprocket or component on the shaft without removing the shaft.

The same method can also be used in piping to replace the old weakened flange. We have also succesfully accomplished shaft sealings with this same fixing mechanism.

The fixing mechanism is a more advanced and functional version of the traditional "split chain wheel".

Applications for the fixing mechanism are for example:

  • chain conveyors
  • belt conveyors
  • transmission shafts
  • clutch kits
  • shaft sleeve
  • piping flange
  • shaft sealing

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